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Solar Saturdays: Degrees of Degradation

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“Accept certain inalienable truths – Prices will rise, politicians will philander, solar panels too will degrade – Baz Lurman, the Sunscreen Song (at least we think that’s how it went…)


Here at iDeal Solar we spend a great deal of time selecting and working with our partners who are all experts in their chosen fields. Whether this be solar panels, inverters, rails, racking, installation, software support/clever code or any of the other myriad of specialities that contribute to each and every iDeal Solar system.


As amazing as the team is, sometimes we just have to accept some limitations, one of which being that due to the nature of solar panels, production will degrade over time. This is due to a number of factors, including exposure to harsh Australian weather conditions, manufacturers deliberately decreasing elements such as Aluminium content used within frames to keep production costs down and even the very nature or silicon hardening under high temperatures.


Unfortunately, it’s just something we have to deal with but thankfully our partners are very smart and continuously improving in everything they do, which is why every system installed from 17th October 2023 is fully backed by a 30 Year production warranty. By the end of the 30th year, our trusted panel partner will fully guarantee that your panels will still output a minimum of 87.4% of the labelled output. If come year 30 they are producing less than that, your panels will be replaced by the latest in new technology.


These great guarantees are one of the many reasons why we select the suppliers we do and it’s what we mean by “fully backed” All our partners are willing to back themselves and their products because so much work and engineering goes into every part of your new iDeal Solar system.


For the stats nerds, each and every panel will degrade over time, it’s just a question of when and by how much. In a recent stats-off (yes, we do them quite frequently so you don’t need to!) our panel provider showed 50% less degradation in the first year and continued to show significant less degradation over the full 25 year period (we chose 25 years because many manufacturers provide stats over this period not 30 years)*


Yes, there are cheap systems out there but they’re cheap for a reason and usually that’s due to inferior components, cost cutting and lack of innovation that may seem attractive in the beginning but as your system ages, any savings will decrease over time leaving your system worthless long before it should be.


These are the kind of factors considered behind the scenes by our very own Solar Stars who think about all of these things so you don’t have to. After all, solar should be simple, that’s why we’re here.


Why not book an appointment with one today to see how you could be saving well into the future with premium solar backed to last.


*Manufacturer’s own data, desktop study performed 5/10/2023

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