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Solar Saturdays: Out of Sight, Front of Mind

By 19/08/2023October 10th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to the choice of going solar, there’s lots to think about…


  • What feed in tariff can I get?
  • How long do my warranties last?
  • What if I sell my property?
  • Is that the right size system for me?
  • Will it still suit if my circumstances change?


With all these important questions, it’s easy to overlook the unseen detail of what actually holds your solar to your roof. Carefully selected components and manufacturing materials can make all the difference between a system that’s lucky to last five years and a system that will outlast its owners.


Unless you’re an engineer, the thought has probably never crossed your mind, but it’s an important factor in designing your new solar system – after all, who wants to really think about removing and replacing their solar system in a couple of years time simply because of a few cheaply manufactured feet for the sake of saving a few hundred bucks?


Your solar system could be mounted on any number of manufacturer’s solutions, from a “plain copy” of a reputable manufacturer’s design out of any factory capable of producing something that “looks the same”, right through to the finest quality stainless steel mountings, designed and manufactured to outlast the highest category cyclones and sea spray for over 50 years. As odd as it may sound, this is one area we find the old adage of “you get what you pay for” to really hold true. 


iDeal Solar uses only brand name mounting materials, fully backed by enforceable manufacturer’s warranties from manufacturers with Australian Based operations. In selecting what mounting materials we use, consideration is given to factors such as: is it galvanised, or stainless steel? If it’s stainless steel, is the grade suitable for Australian conditions? How have the products been tested? Do they conform with Australian Standards and regulations? 


To be perfectly honest, when the engineers start talking about Corrosivity Category 5 rating warranties for ten years we do a double take as well! But your very own Solar Star has suffered endless engineer’s lectures so when you sit down to design your dream solar system they can walk you through the ins and outs of what sets apart a system built to a quality, not just to a price. Why not enter a few details on the right to organise your very own visit now?


With your system built on firm foundations, you can sleep easy knowing that when the sun rises early in the morning, your system will be producing clean energy for your family, just as it should.

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