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GUARANTEES Your Power Bill Savings

Save What We Promise, Or We Pay The Difference

How Does The Bill Guarantee Work?

Choose iDeal solar for your solar installation and not only will you save thousands of dollars every year on electricity costs, we also GUARANTEE your power bill – in writing.

What does this mean? If your system is not performing straight away at 100% we will know from the remote monitoring. We will be back to optimise your system to get what you paid for. You have in writing what your new power bill will be, so we won’t rest until it’s producing above what we promise, otherwise we will pay you the difference.

There is no other solar provider in the country that is prepared to put their reputation on the line like iDeal Solar and guarantee your power bill. It’s simply another reason why thousands of Australian’s are choosing iDeal Solar for a solar power system.

With Australian power prices some of the most expensive in the world, the money you save every month can pay down your mortgage faster or used to fund a family getaway.

We have started saving over $2000 a month even after our repayments

Cameron McPhie, iDeal Solar customer

iDeal Solar

We’ll come out to your home and together we’ll design your perfect solar system. We’ll fill you in on all your product options, the best size system for your home and show you how we’ll install your panels to your roof.

See How Much
You Can Save

Once we’ve settled on the best system for your home, we’ll assess your current power bill spend and show you exactly how much money you will save with your new solar power system.

Power Bills

Give us the go ahead to install your solar system and we’ll guarantee your power bill savings in writing. If at any point your bill is higher than our guaranteed amount, simply contact us and we’ll pay you the difference. It’s that simple!

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THOUSANDS On Your Power Bills

iDeal Solar can save you thousands per year on your electricity costs with our high quality solar systems.

We only use the best quality equipment available – no exceptions. We use brands like Q Cells and Canadian Solar for our panels and Fronius and Sungrow for inverters. The solar panels we use in every system are backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty and the inverters are supported by a 10 year warranty.

That’s not all. At iDeal Solar all our customers enjoy lifetime technical support. That means in the unlikely event you run into an issue with your system, we’re just a phone call away and are happy to return to your home if required.

You can breathe easy knowing that your new iDeal Solar system will save you money and operate perfectly for decades to come.

5 Reasons To Go Solar Today!

Tear Up Your
Power Bill

In the last decade the cost of solar has plunged by more than 70%. Solar has never been this cheap! Switch to solar and you could see your energy bills drop by 80%, 90% – you could even tear up your energy bills for good!


Solar energy is arguably more reliable than grid electricity. Your home can become energy self-sufficient. This reduces your dependency on paying for grid power.


Over 2.6 million Australians have switched to solar energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4 million tons in the past decade


Solar panels have zero moving components and require almost no maintenance once installed

Power Bill

With our unique energy bill guarantee, we lock in your estimated power bill price from day one. If it’s higher than our guaranteed rate – we pay the difference.

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Contact us today to discuss your needs, designs and realistic savings to be achieved. Call our team on 1300 038 705 or write at [email protected]

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