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One of Australia’s longest established solar groups

iDeal Solar is the creation of Warren Amundsen a qualified electrical Engineer, trained by the Australian Air Force and working on some of the world’s most sophisticated fighter aircrafts.

Operating in the solar industry for over seven years, I have brought together an exclusive team of highly qualified CEC electricians and electrical solar businesses, each having in excess of 15 years industry experience.

These businesses and expertise have been merged to create iDeal Solar, a unique and highly professional business with the financial backing to deliver. My Mission is simple, I want to do solar better from design, installation, warranties, guarantees and client outcomes with every aspect of your investment committed to writing and which we warrant.

Having an independent board of advisors with backgrounds in Law, Asset Management and Financial Product Design has opened new and creative ways to deliver solar and realistic savings to Australian consumers. With the assistance of our financial partners, we have the first Australian Power Savings Guarantee “PSG”. A milestone in the advancement of the Australian Solar Market.

We will be delighted to assist you on your solar journey.

Warren Amundsen, CEO

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iDeal Solar is unlike a budget airline, we provide first class service, back up, warranties and guarantees and you never need to pay first class premium airline prices for quality solar.

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