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Solar Savings Calculator

Enter a few details into our calculator below to view your weekly and quarterly savings results

Estimated Savings

The estimated savings calculator takes a conservative outlook. This approach is important to ensure that realistic savings can be achieved by the solar system recommended for your home and location. Our solar consultant will provide you in writing, a complete and detailed proposal inclusive of the POWER SAVINGS GUARANTEE "PSG" and thus a site visit and review is critical to delivering the most appropriate size and design.

Current Weekly Electricity Costs

Government Rebate

New Weekly Investment:

New Quarterly Electricity Bill / Credit:

New Weekly Electricity Bill / Credit:

After solar installation minimum guaranteed savings per week:

After 10 Years (Savings inclusive of system investment):

  • The estimated savings in this calculator is based on the data provided in your power bill.
  • The results are not guarantees and require a site consultation with an accredited consultant which at that time they can provide you with definitive savings guarantees as a result of your usage patterns hours of sunlight used in this model are based on a maximum 4.7 daylight hours.
  • Your location will/may have varying degrees of total average hours and your consultant can provide accurate data to estimate sunlight hours in your location for accurate savings.
  • Solar panels have significant performance variances as a result of design, manufacture, installation expertise, inverter quality and other factors.
  • Two similar of same size system configurations can and will have marked performance and longevity not all components of a solar system are created equal and this is why a proper site visit and power review and design is necessary to deliver the most reliable results.
  • The estimated weekly investment makes several assumptions, with regard to property location, shading issues, any meter box upgrade (if any), property access and height.