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Why Go Solar

One of Australia’s longest established solar groups

A lot of solar providers out there promise the world but few deliver, we get it. iDeal Solar stands out from the crowd by providing only leading global solar brands, enforceable Australian warranties installed by our expert team with over 15 years’ experience in solar installations throughout Australia.

Why Choose iDeal Solar

We are big enough not to require any deposit when using finance for your solar installation plus ask us about rebate options covering your first repayment.

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I am a real estate agent and I see solar on many homes, some delivering great results and others, well they simply no longer work. Very disappointing. Whilst completing a client appraisal I spoke to installers working on the property and to my surprise after I said the savings from solar are not guaranteed, they corrected me. I called iDeal Solar and had the sales consultant Warren visit my home. Wow what a delight and an eye opener, finally a solar company willing to guarantee the actual savings to be made on home solar. We installed a new 10.5kW system with a product called QCell and an inverter called Feronus and solar analysis to monitor performance. All up almost 30% savings compared with two other providers and they did not offer any guarantee of savings. Go iDeal solar you have my support.

Kathy, Brisbane Real Estate Agent

Our family has had solar on two homes, each installation completed by iDeal Solar. I am not one for writing testimonials, but when asked again I agreed because both systems perform as well today as they did when first installed. The first in 2014. The current system provides savings well above iDeals initial estimates which they provided in writing and I retain to this day. We are hoteliers and are now in discussion for solar for the business. We shopped around and settled with iDeal Solar, accurate, honest and well priced. Highly recommended if you are looking at solar.

Cameron McPhie, QLD