How to Invest in Solar Financing Options

You may also qualify for a 100% rebate to cover your entire first quarter payment in cash. Talk with us today!

  • Purchase outright with a single cash payment
  • Part outright purchase plus finance
  • Fully financed no money out

iDeal Solar can assist you with multiple finance options to best suit your budget, cash flow, system size and power bill. Learn more about Pricing Options.

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System Options Panels

Q Cells
  • German Technology and testing centre
  • Superior performance yield
  • Innovative all-weather technology
  • Leading 12-years product warranty
Canadian Solar
  • Superior performance yield
  • Innovative all-weather technology
  • PERC-Split Cell design
  • Leading 25-years product warranty
  • Inclusive 25-years performance warranty

System Options Inverters

  • Power categories ranging from 2.0 to 200.0 kW
  • Fronius is the premium inverter for systems of every size
  • The perfect answer to irregularly shaped or multi-oriented roofs
  • Upraded to 10 year premium warranty
Sungrow Dual MPPT
  • Max. efficiency 98.6%, European efficiency 98.0%
  • High power quality, no interference for electrical equipment
  • Low radiation, compliance with household equipment standards
  • Upgraded to 10 year premium warranty

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There are lots of reasons people choose to go solar, but we know that cheaper energy bills are the top priority for many of our customers. See what you could be saving!


iDeal Solar is unlike a budget airline, we provide first class service, back up, warranties and guarantees and you never need to pay first class premium airline prices for quality solar.

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