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So what’s the big deal with solar panels?

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You may have heard of terms like Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Perc Panels, and Split Cells. It can get confusing because you can purchase great or poor quality with each type of panel.

To keep things simple, a quality company that produces quality products which last, and with good performance output even after 10 years is the key.

The eBook on the iDeal Solar website will list an extensive range of what is regarded as good to very good quality solar panels. Stick with these and you are in the right place and will have confidence in your buying decision.
All providers offer performance guarantees and monitoring options. Remember that the workmanship warranty is also a fundamental when selecting solar. Think of selecting a skilled craftsman rather than the cheapest installation possible. Quality may in the early stage cost a little more, say $600.00 to $800.00, but the investment will stand the test of time.


At ideal solar we prefer third party real-time system monitoring because it’s reliable and most if not all solar companies in Australia say they offer 24/7 back to base monitoring. They do not and it is incumbent on you to alert them of a system fault through your online app. An online app programmed into your inverter is not the most reliable solution. It is a monitoring system plagued with problems and deceptive sales tactics. Go with a third party service which provides the service and companies which recommend and include this lifetime.

Getting the monitoring wrong can cost you thousands of dollars….that’s real money in paying off a solar system and a power bill. When these things happen, good luck trying to recover your loss. Correct set up and monitoring results in REALTIME rectification, not next week or next month.

So then, what’s the big deal, we think everything. Quality, quality and a skilled team to back up everything in writing. That’s the big deal.

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