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The start and finish on Solar Inverters

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OK, can you install any solar inverter when you decide on going solar? The answer is a simply NO.

The role of the inverter is to convert the Dual Current “DC” electricity which is produced by the solar system into Alternating Current “AC” electricity so that your home can safely use the solar power electricity. Therefore the solar energy is channelled into your inverter.

There are three types of inverters (there is a raft of great technical material in the market if you’re so inclined). These are as follows:

1. A single string inverter.
2. Micro inverter.
3. Hybrid inverter.

These are designed for Single Phase and Three Phase power, and you can use multiple inverters depending on your system size and power needs. Once again this is why a proper site visit and solar design is the right path to follow when choosing to go solar your very own Solar Star will be able to walk you through these factors and  more when you book an appointment by entering a few simple details on the right.

If you are considering with some level of certainty that you will invest in battery storage, say in the next two years or so, then a Hybrid is the way to go, albeit more costly. We will write a separate blog relating to Hybrid and batteries soon.

Inverters directly affect how much energy you will reap from your solar panels, so YES it is important to select a quality inverter. Download the e-book to review the various inverters available.

Note: All good installers and sales companies will recommend inverters on this list. Be very wary of going cheap and warranties of 2 to 5 years should be avoided. Select a warranty upgrade, because if anything is to fail in the first 10 years, it is likely to be the inverter. For a few extra dollars quality matters. However, having made this statement, even the quality end of the market can fail. Be sure and go 10 year warranties for example the Sungrow range.

All solar inverters work hard, so talk with your consultant about reliability, warranties, new for old, repairs and the like. Asking these questions and understanding the role of the inverter will give you confidence in your solar choice.

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