Why Provide a Power Saving Guarantee (Are my solar savings guaranteed)

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It is increasingly common for commercial solar installations to carry specific guarantees attributable the actual power bill over a period, say twelve months. This means that any excess of bill over the written estimates is refunded to the client.

At iDeal Solar we consider this to be entirely reasonable and places significant and onerous provisons on the installer and the solar company to provide a craftsman touch to the installation and application of good design, taking into account actual sunlight hours and quite specific to location, panel and inverter selection, your absolute orientation and of course a realistic review of your power usage and peak usage.

The Australian market is awash with quality, readily available power data and at iDeal Solar we had access to extensive client power bills and clients willing to have that data analysed.

From this data a financial model known as a Monte Carlo Simulation was created and with a high degree of accuracy predict outcomes, percentage failures and pricing options. Fortunately we have an advisory board consisting of lawyers, financial services executives and analysts capable of working with actuaries to build predictive models for such a Power Saving Guarantee. This now ensures that all iDeal Solar clients are provided with a definitive savings outcome provided in a professional plain English agreement.

More importantly is that having these guarantees in place ensures that every installation must be 100% spot on, if it is not, well, we fix it. That is what we consider to be the minimum level of reasonableness for clients investing their money and trust in iDeal Solar.

As part of every installation, Solar Analytics modules are included and for the life of your system, not an additional cost, no, a standard inclusion to ensure you are aware of your systems health and performance, and we can see immediately (real-time) if your system is underperforming against the guarantee and rectify immediately.

All this is simply good commercial business sense. Get it right the first time.

Finally, all client applications are reviewed at Head Office level and immediately upon submission placing further check points and ensuring that our well trained consultants provide honest and factual advice.

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Team iDeal Solar

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