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5 Tips to Saving Power on your home after installing Solar Panels.

By 03/06/2020June 9th, 2020No Comments
1. Use more power during peak solar production

Simple tasks you can do during the day instead of at night:

• Leave turning the dishwasher on until the morning. Turning the dishwasher on just as you leave for work will save you $$.
• Does your Washing machine have a delayed start time? By setting your washing machine to start at say 10am will reduce the power that you use from the grid.

2. Set your Air Con timer or control it remotely

• Most Air Cons have a timer. If you know you’re going to get home at 5pm after work and turn the Air Con on, then set the timer for 4pm, and cool the house whilst the Sun is still shining and producing power.
• Some Air Cons can be controlled remotely, or can have a WiFi module installed fairly cheaply. This way when you get in your car, you can turn the Air Con on before getting home. Remember, anything you can do whilst the sun is shining, costs you less.

3. Is your hot water on a discounted tariff, or can it be set for different times to turn on?

• Ask your solar expert the best set up for your house. Some energy providers will give a higher Feed-in-Tariff than your off peak power, which means you’ll save money on hot water.
• Other way of saving is if you can install devices for your hot water to turn on at set times.

4. Look at your night time energy usage.

Basically, your night usage is now the main cost to you.

• Can you install upgraded energy efficient lighting?
• Are your fans and Air Conditioners energy efficient? Or need servicing?
• Turn off as much as you can at night time when not in use.

5. Can you get a better deal from your energy provider?

It’s worth shopping around, and frequently checking your bills.

• Is there a better deal out there? Simply ask us, we can give you free advice on which energy provider will save you $$$.
• Check your bills. We have seen energy companies change their rates without notifying you.