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There is a Reason it Stings……More Than a Little!

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We know that getting things done correctly may take a little bit longer, but that is no reason for tardy workmanship and follow up from solar providers.

Take the sting out of poor workmanship and grandiose suggestions that all will be ok.

Ensure your provider gets on the Electrical Works Request known as a EWR and get them to put in writing (on your application and invoice) that if they fail to act or make an error which delays the activation of your solar they pay you the shortfall. We have actual examples where providers simply forget, don’t lodge and just get it wrong. It stings more than a little when your power bill is around $680.00 per quarter and it takes a year for the solar installer to rectify and more when that error costs you around $4,500.00 and they simply walk away from your request to make good.

Now, if your solar system price was $8,500.00 that’s 50% down the drain…AND THAT STINGS.

What you need to do.

1. Have the installation and sales company agree in writing that any error will result in a FULL payment of the shortfall.

2. Have the solar consultant provide you with a written (printed of the company documentation) estimate of savings to be made each quarter.

Following the process will sort the truly professional provider from the in-for-a quick-buck, been-around-ten-minutes solar company.

This applies to the solar discounted end of the market also, flogging throw away panel and inverters at the end of two to three years.

This will take the sting out of it!

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