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Some tips to reduce your electricity bills

By 09/06/2020No Comments

If you don’t have solar, then here are some ways to reduce your energy bills, and if you do have solar, well, these few tips will add to the savings already being made.

Consider your home heating

Get comfortable setting your home heating from 18o to say 23°C, and if you have NE facing sunny windows look to use the sun’s rays.

Keep your window shades closed on those super cold days which will help retain the warmth.

Every degree over plus minus 19°C uses around 7% to 10% more energy, so thinking about small savings will make a big impact.

Hot water systems

We love those hot showers and I am guilty too, but by limiting showers to 5 minutes or less will reduce your power bills and your water consumption.

Laundry usage
  • If you have solar USE YOUR LAUNDRY DURING THE DAY!!!
  • If you do not have solar USE IT AT NIGHT.
  • If you work during the day use the timer to best serve your needs.

If you work during the day, think about buying a timer from Bunnings. If you are not using your refrigerator from say 11 am to 1:30 pm, turn it off, the temperature will only vary a couple of degrees and save on your peak usage.

Stand by usage

Wherever possible turn everything off at the point and you will make significant long-term savings.

So, you do not need to lead a totally spartan lifestyle but savings can be made and in uncertain times every dollar counts.