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It’s Tier 1 and you can have it up and running in err….no time at all and the offer won’t last.

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We see a staggering number of problematic solar installations which have been purchased over-the-phone (no money out) that simply fail within a few years or from day one the performance leaves you shaking your head.

Let’s cut to the chase.

In Australia, we have some very professional companies installing solar and they recommend leading and well-priced products, backed up with excellent warranties and guarantees. However, sadly there remains a large percentage of not so professional providers.

Here are some tips to identify quality:

1. Do your research and do your research.

2. Most panels will be Tier 1. Bloomberg rates the parent company’s financial capacity to borrow and it really does not relate to panel performance or quality, though we would like to think that it does.

3. The panel manufacturer has an Australian office presence and has longevity.

4. The panel performance guarantee is 25 or more years.

5. The inverter is quality and has a 10 year warranty upgrade.

6. The system is monitored and the company can prove to you that they do in fact monitor.

7. Make sure everything is committed in writing and keep copies of the consultant’s notes and savings estimates.

8. Be wary of deposits, 5% to 10% is reasonable and if anything else, well, show ’em the door.

9. Any deposit must be fully refundable.

10. You have a 10-day cooling off period and during that time read, read and read the agreement. If it is a complicated agreement exercise your rights.

At iDeal Solar, there remains a very good reason why we are well respected in the Australian market. Our business is long haul and we look after our clients to provide a growing range of services.

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